A collection of tools for randomising and timekeeping.


Saved data

Group creator

The group creator allows you to randomly create groups from a list of names or items


Choose which mode you want to use.


Number of groups
Names or items (separated by commas)


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Name picker

The name picker allows you to select one or more names or items from a list.


Do you want selected names to be removed?

How many names do you want to pick?


Enter the names or items, separated by commas


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Random number

This tool allows you to generate one or more numbers in a specified range.
The advanced settings also allow you to generate multiple sets of numbers.
The site can handle up to 10 000 sets of 1 000 numbers.

Basic settings


Advanced settings

How many sets do you want to generate?
How many numbers should each set include?


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Dice roller

Allows you to roll how many dice you want. The tool can handle a lot of dice, but it may take a while to generate the results.


Number of dice


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0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000


A timer that supports automatic restart.


Do you want the timer to restart automatically?


Restart delay (in seconds)

You can still use other tools while the timer is running.

About this page

Why does this page exist?

Many websites already offer the same or similar tools to the ones Groupr offers, but the design of these sites are usually pretty outdated, and there is often not an easy way to directly access all these tools in one place. Groupr is the good-looking, easy-to-navigate alternative to those sites.

Groupr started off as a school project, but has since then received a lot of updates to create what I think is a great website, with lots of real-world use.

True random?

This site is not "true random", but this doesn't mean that the site is not worth using. For most purposes, psuedo-random, which is what a computer's way of creating random numbers is called, is enough. If you need a random result for professional lotteries, contests, drawings or for scientific purposes, I recommend RANDOM.ORG, a site that creates true random numbers with the help of atmospheric noise.

Do you collect any data?


Do you store any data on my device?

No, but we are working on allowing users to save results, which will be done through cookies. You will also be able to change some settings, which will also require cookies.



This is the first fully public version of the sites, which means that it will show up in search results, and visitors will be able to naturally find the page.

Changes made:

  • A massive design update
  • A new logo and icon!
  • Better descriptions for tools and settings
  • Moved the clock to a separate site which allows for more customization. You can visit it here.

Upcoming changes/additions:

  • Mobile version of the site
  • Ability to save data on device
  • User settings
  • Dark mode!